Message From Chairpman - L.B. Thapa

We, L.M.United Human Resource Pvt. Ltd ., feel much privileged to reach to you through this company profile. This moment is exactly what we were aspiring for. As you go through the following pages, you may clearly find that what we aspire is to bridge the people’s aspirations, explicitly the aspirations of foreign employers and Nepalese work force. On this very auspicious occasion of introducing ourselves as a company, I, on behalf of Board of Directors and Staffs, would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you all the well-wishers or affiliated individuals and institutions for all the kind and support.
L.M.United Human Resource Pvt. Ltd .is conceived and planned by its executive team having expertise and experiences of more than ten years in supplying the Nepali workers and human resources of various categories ranging in four parts as Professionals, Skilled Technicians, Semi-skilled to Unskilled human resource particularly in the field of Engineering, Building Construction and Contracting, Office personnel management, Transportation, Hotels and Catering staffs, Hospitals, Garments and Textile and many more. We can supply quality people as required by employer and our placement would be much sincere, honest, dutiful, obedient, disciplined and physically also capable enough. We would like to assure our foreign employer colleagues that all the workers provided to you work as per your direction subject to the agreement or contract paper made before their recruitment affirmed.
At the end of this message, I would reiterate our firm commitments of quality services in foreign employment sector. You may please feel free to contact us at any time for further information regarding recruitment of Nepalese manpower. We remain at your best service. That is because we regard our clients as our most valuable asset. We look forward to your kind response! Thanking you,